I assist restaurant businesses in the following ways:

Firstly, getting to know your senior team and spending time in the business, I would overview and analyse the current arrangements that are in place. Then I will develop a strategy to drive efficiency and support the operational team across a broad range of topics, including but not limited too; –

  •  Kitchen layout/design
  • Driving value from Contractors
  • Advising on HVAC problems
  • Ensuring suitable and sufficient Fire safety systems are in place
  • Security
  • Kitchen and BOH management systems
  • Advising on the pros and cons of various kitchen equipment brands
  • Overview, support and steer the business on all matters of Food Safety and Health & Safety, working closely with your Food/Health and Safety Consultants and driving the team to improved results.
  • Co-work with the Financial Director and the Purchasing Manager on specific tasks; maintenance and contracts elements for P&L budgeting, refurbishment budgets, equipment dilapidations and capital expenditure forecasting.
  • Reviewing your food and beverage costings systems
  • Chairing Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • Developing site specific Emergency management training
  • Co working on any cost efficiency process that the company may wish to undertake.
  • Advising and enhancing any projects that are being considered; from heavy equipment installations, refurbishments and relocation, through to new builds.
  • Supporting the Maintenance team. Defining and developing the maintenance and contracted services, including negotiations, optimising value and ensuring compliance for insurance and due diligence purposes.
  • Co-work with HR on the company’s training systems.
  • Working with your senior team on any mergers and acquisitions.
  • Be available by email and phone to assist and advise as is required.

Following the initial review and having gained a thorough understanding of your operations, we would then meet to discuss the priorities and set about implementation.