Gillian Thomson

I feel better with Andy supporting us as he understand all the elements of managing and delivering a great H&S culture – operational, legislative, customer facing and commercial.

Jeremy King

There is no-one else in his field with the same expertise, integrity, knowledge and work ethic combined by an absolute determination to succeed.

Mark Hix

He has a wealth of experience and is well respected in the industry, with an in-depth knowledge of back-of-house operations and many openings under his belt.

Dave Burns

…it is that attention to detail that makes Andy the professional that he is… he does not know how to do a bad job, it goes against the very fibre of who and what he is.

David Smithson AIH

…Andy is punctilious in his working methods and his high standards ensure that we and his clients enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship…

Tim Hughes

I have worked with Andy for over 17 years in various capacities and have witnessed him progress on both a professional and personal basis…